Aircraft Management

Jet Set Aero provides part 91 aircraft management for any airplane or helicopter.  We have the experience and knowledge to oversee all aspects of your very own flight department. We manage all administrative, flight operations, maintenance compliance, and regulatory aspects of your aircraft.

Pilot Services

All aspects of pilot services including training, scheduling, and payroll are managed by us.  We will only place you in the hands of very competent, highly experienced captains.

Inspection & Maintenance Compliance and Oversight

We continue to oversee the inspection and maintenance program in which we enrolled the aircraft during its acquisition.   All inspections and maintenance items are tracked to reduce the chances of any maintenance surprises.  As much as possible, we will arrange downtime for inspections and maintenance around your schedule to reduce the possibility of a conflict.


We will handle all communications with insurance brokers and help you find a policy that provides you the coverage you need based upon your experience level and mission profiles.

Data & Weather Subscriptions

Your data subscriptions are critical to flight safety. We will keep their status current and update the aircraft databases whenever required.

Hangar Storage

We find a convenient location to store your aircraft in a temperature controlled hangar.  Your aircraft will be regularly washed and detailed.

Concerning Charter Leasebacks

Many management companies will leaseback your aircraft for charter to help offset your operating costs.  However, from our experience, very few owners find it financially beneficial. The increased cost in maintenance and cosmetics wear, the depreciation from increased flight time on the aircraft, and the loss of use often do not benefit the owners in the long run. If it was beneficial to the owners, then the charter and fractional companies would simply own the aircraft themselves.

If you would like to reduce some of the costs of ownership, then ask us about partnership opportunities.

Here are some articles on leasing back aircraft for charter revenue.

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