Flight Training & Mentoring

Meet your instructor Jack Odinsen holds Airline Transport Pilot Certificates for airplanes & helicopters and is a Certificated Flight Instructor for single & multi engine airplanes(CFMEII-A) and helicopters(CFII-H) with over 8,000 hours of experience. He also holds an Airframe & Powerplant Mechanics certificate.

Jack’s credentials can be verified on the FAA’s Airmen Registry.

The training Jack can provide includes:
Private (Airplane & Helicopter)
Instrument (Airplane & Helicopter)
Commercial (Airplane & Helicopter)
Multi-Engine (Airplane)
High Performance (Airplane)
Complex (Airplane)
High Altitude (Airplane)
Technically Advance Aircraft (TAA) (Airplane & Helicopter)
Turbine Transition (Airplane & Helicopter)
Mountain Flying (Airplane & Helicopter)
Tailwheel (Airplane)
International Operations (Airplane & Helicopter)

Jack has experience in the following aircraft models:
Cessna: 120, 140, 150, 152, 170, 172, 180, 182, 185, 206, 208, 210, 310, 340, 414, Citation 501SP, Citation 550.
Socata/Daher: TBM 700A, 700B, 700C2, 850, 930
Beechcraft: Debonair 33, Bonanza 35/36, Baron 55/58/58P, King Air C90/B200/B250
Cirrus: SR-20, SR-22, SR-22 Turbo
Bell: 206, 206L
MD Helicopters: 500/600N

Jack has experience with the following avionics:
Garmin: GNS 430/530, GTN 650/750, G600, G1000, G1000NXi, G3000
Avidyne: Entegra
Collins: EFIS-85, Proline 21

Initial Airplane Training

Initial airplane training is usually conducted in 4 seat piston-powered airplanes. These are readily available for rent. However, if you wish to own your trainer, we can guide you in the right direction that will help you accomplish your goals most efficiently.

Turboprop/Jet Training

If you purchase a turboprop/jet certified for “single pilot” operations, you can fly in the cockpit from day one. However, you will need a private pilots license with multi-engine, instrument rating, type rating, and several endorsements before you can be certified to act as pilot in command of your jet. Your insurance will also likely require you to have 800+ hours of experience before they will insure you to fly it by yourself. Jack can provide mentor pilot services in these cases where he is acting as Pilot-In-Command, but you can fly the aircraft to gain the experience and time you need to be safe, confident, and insurable.

Helicopter Training

Helicopter training is less prominent than airplane training and usually available in or near large cities. Very few helicopter schools rent their aircraft to students after they get their license, and if they do, they have very restrictive policies. Jack can guide you on the most suitable course based upon available resources.

Adventure Flying

Jack can teach you to fly tail-wheel bush planes and aerobatic airplanes; how to fly in the mountains and at high density airports; and mentor you through international flights around the world. Your adventure awaits!